• Tree pruning
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Water late in day and in advance of freezes


  • Crape myrtle pruning
  • Prune back monkey grass, liriope, roses
  • Plant roses
  • First crabgrass preventer application
  • First broadleaf weed preventer application


  • Start mowing and bagging dormant grass
  • Aeration of lawn – promotes root growth, decreases thatch (also can be done in Autumn)
  • Treat St. Augustine grass "brown patch" fungus as soon as it appears
  • Plant spring color: Begonias, vincas, impatients, marigolds, Mexican heather, etc.


  • First fertilizer application for lawn (weed & feed if broadleaf weeds are present)
  • Tree and shrub food application
  • Plant caladium bulbs – mid to late April, after last frost
  • OrthoMax fire ant killer – supposedly prevents new mounds all season
  • Grub killer application


  • General insecticide application (for Bermuda mites & chinch bugs especially)
  • April and May best time if really need to cut shrubs way back/down


  • Second fertilizer application for lawn
  • Spray infested shrubs with Permethrin; aphids on crapes with Malathion
  • Second crabgrass/broadleaf pre-emergent/weed preventer
  • Mulch to retain moisture, stop weeds, protect plants


  • Apply granular insecticide again
  • Still able to plant annuals like moss rose, periwinkles, sun coleus, zinnias
  • Still able to plant perennials like hostas, hibiscus, daylilies, salvia
  • Water early and deep (all summer)


  • Treat for grassy, perennial weeds (i.e., nutgrass, dalligrass)


  • Reduce watering – especially if you have St. Augustine grass!
  • Second tree and shrub food application
  • SevenDust (carbaryl) – only if grubworms are a problem
  • Clean out gutters before October rains
  • Third fertilizer – winterizer application (before mid-September if St. Augustine)
  • Third crabgrass preventer
  • Third broadleaf weed preventer


  • Treat St. Augustine grass "brown patch" fungus before grass goes dormant
  • If St. Augustine has yellowish color, spread thin layer of Canadian peat moss over lawn
  • Over seed lawn with perennials rye grass – mostly done on commercial properties
  • Fall color planting: pansies, dianthus, snapdragons, ornamental kale & cabbage


  • Plant shrubs & trees to establish good root system during winter
  • Plant wildflower seeds


  • Re-mulch flower beds to stop winter weeds, protect root system
  • Water late in day and in advance of freezes